NFC-ID for Drivers: How It Applies to Your Business

What is Driver ID?

Driver ID is a feature available in MyGeotab with the use of an IOX-NFC Reader.  These readers can be mounted on the dashboard of your vehicles and used with driver ID tags to give your drivers the ability to log in and out of a vehicle with the swipe of a tag.

If your drivers switch between vehicles often, this can be the most convenient way for them to log in and out of their vehicles.

Simply swiping the ID tag in front of the reader will attach the driver to a vehicle, and swiping again on exiting a vehicle will disassociate the driver from the same.


How Does this Apply to My Business?

Some companies with lots of yard techs who move in and out of vehicles all day find the NFC-ID add-on particularly useful in helping to keep yard move logs assigned to their non-CDL techs who aren’t necessarily required to run ELDs.  This way, the yard moves are still assigned to these techs, but without their having to log in and out of the Geotab Drive app every single time they move a vehicle.

How does it apply to you directly?  Well, that’s going to depend on your own business.

Reach out to us at to let us know more about your company, and we can help you to assess whether NFC-ID is right for you.

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