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No Gimmicks, Just Good Equipment

From the easy installation of your hardware to our user-friendly software platform, you should know exactly what you’re getting when you choose Fleet Nav Systems as your telematics service provider.  That’s why we do free trials, but perhaps you want to do some preliminary research before trying our solution.  Below we’ve highlighted features in all three aspects of our system: the hardware, software, and our customer service.  Click the images to see videos or documentation on each of the features highlighted.

Don’t let us tell you, see it for yourself.


GO Unit Installation

A quick video on how to install a GO device directly to an OBDII port.

Harness Installation

A video on how to install a GO unit with a harness for a heavy truck.

Ruggedized Hardware

Our GO RUGGED units for tracking vehicles and assets in harsh conditions.

Driver Coaching

A video demon-strating Geotab’s GO TALK for improving the safety of your drivers via in-cab coaching.

NFC Keys and Reader

A hardware solution for vehicles with multiple drivers.

Asset Tracking

Bluetooth beacons for tracking tools, containers, and other equipment.

Substance-Spreader Integration

Supports DICKEY-john Control Point and Rexroth Com-puSpread.

Satellite Tracking

An Iridium solution for ensuring driver safety in remote locations.


Simple HOS Interface

Our Geotab Drive app makes HOS compliance easy, providing a fully-certified ELD solu-tion when used with the MyGeotab soft-ware.

Digital DVIRs

Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports can be filed right from the Geotab Drive app.  Make sure DVIRs are completed with custom reporting.

IFTA Reporting

Tracking IFTA mileages can be a headache.  Our software makes it easy, providing a simple, intuitive report by vehicle and state.

Automatic VIN Lookup

Our software reads VINs directly from the GO device so you can access them quickly from within the My-Geotab software.

Unlimited Users

Add as many admins and drivers as you need at no extra cost.

Custom Geofencing

Add geofenced zones to your database for customized reporting.

Add Vehicles Quickly

Add new vehicles to your database quickly to start tracking right away.

Timely Notifications

Get immediate alerts for things like low batteries or possible ac-cidents.