Two Quick Ways to Edit HOS Logs in
Geotab Drive ELD


There are only two ways to add HOS logs to the Geotab Drive ELD: add a new one or change the status of an existing one.  To add a new log, go to HOS > Logs > + and add your log by filling out the log’s status, date and time, the required annotation, and click “Save”.  To change a pre-existing log’s status, go to HOS > Logs and click on the log you want to change.  Click the pencil icon next to the log’s status, select the new status you want, add an annotation, and click “Save”.

Below are examples with pictures on how to add and edit logs.

NOTE: Check out our 2-minute YouTube video on Editing HOS Logs for a step-by-step walkthrough of how this works.

Example of How to Add a Log

Go to the HOS page:



Navigate to the Logs tab:



Click the + button:



Select a new status:



Change the date and time to when this log started:



Annotate the log and click Add:


Example of How to Change a Log


Go to the HOS page:



Navigate to the Logs tab:


Click on the log you want to change:



Select a new status:



Annotate the log and click Save:



NOTE: This method only works on Manual driver logs.  (See “Origin” directly above the annotation field in the picture above.)  If the log is Automatic, you will not be able to change the status.  That said, if you try to change the status of an automatic ON log, you will get the option to add an OFF log immediately after it instead.  If you select “Yes” when presented with this option, the system will create a log with the annotation already done for you. This is what that looks like:


Select an automatic log:



Attempt to edit the log:



Select “Yes” when prompted by this screen:


FAQs About Log Edits


Instances Where You Would Want to Add or Change a Log


Editing a Status Typo in a Log

Have you ever fat-fingered a key on your phone?  I have. If you accidentally put in a manual log with the wrong status, this would be a prime example of when you would want to edit your log.


Logging your Breaks

One of the most common log-edit issues is forgetting to enter break time.  To do this, you just have to add two different logs: one OFF log for when your break started and one ON log for when you went back on duty.


Putting in OFF-Duty Time

A lot of times we see cases where drivers don’t have an OFF log from whenever they quit driver the day before until they started driving some time the next day.  This results in one continuous ON log that will have probably eaten most (or all) of your hours, and also will put you in a violation as soon as you start driving.  The two most common reasons you’ll see this are:


1) if you forgot to log OFF the night before, or

2) if you just claimed unassigned logs.


Either way, the fix is the same: just add an OFF log for the time you were OFF duty.  This should give you back your hours and fix any violations that accumulated because of an overnight ON log.

Pro Tip: Still see violations after adding the OFF log?  Click a different part of the app and go back to your logs.  The violations should have disappeared now.


NOTE: If you went ON duty before driving after your time OFF, you’ll need to make sure you add a new ON log for whenever you started working.


When You Can’t Add or Change a Log and What to Do Instead

Automatic Drive Logs

You cannot change an automatic Drive log to another duty status or add another log for some time during an automatic Drive log.  This is because automatic Drive logs are recorded directly from your vehicle’s engine and are captured during times that your vehicle was verified as driving.


If you have a Drive log on your record that you know is not yours, ask your fleet manager to move it to the correct driver.  If this move was done by a non-HOS tech or mechanic, they can move the log to an “Unassigned” driver and annotate why it shouldn’t be on your record.


Automatic ON Logs

Automatic ON logs can’t be changed, but you can add a log for any time after the ON log was recorded.


Pro Tip: If you went OFF duty immediately after you stopped driving, you can go to the ON log and attempt to change the status.  This will ask you if you want to add an OFF log right afterwards, and clicking “Yes” on the screen will do just that, adding an OFF log one second after the ON log you tried to edit.


Yard Move (YM), Personal Conveyance (PC), & Other Exemptions

Exemptions can only be applied at the time you need to use them.  I’ll be writing a blog post on exemptions and how they work shortly, but for now just know that if you didn’t apply an exemption when you needed to, the best thing you can do is to annotate your logs that they should have been YM, PC, etc., and why.


You can also check out our 2-minute video on Applying Exemptions in Geotab Drive on YouTube where we break down all the important parts of how and when to apply exemptions, as well as annotating if you’ve missed applying them on time.


What to Do When You Can’t Change Your Logs

Annotate.  Annotate, annotate, annotate: the best way to take care of cases where you can’t fix your logs the way you want to is to annotate them.  In an audit, these annotations can be seen by inspecting officers and may help them to see that you did your due diligence to present information as accurately as possible.


Pro Tip: Be honest and accurate with your annotations.  It isn’t difficult for an admin to see if you were driving when you say you weren’t, etc.  Also, you may be less likely to be cited for violations if your annotations are neat, clear, and accurate.

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  1. michelle miner

    i have a question. driver forgot to log off yard move. i tried to add an on/ drive / or off anything to get his ym to complete after 15 min. this is the error i get . You cannot change an existing situational driving status.
    how can i fix this?

    1. Joy B

      Hey there, Michelle!

      Unfortunately, due to the FMCSA rules, you can’t change a Yard Move status after it was already put into place because it is considered an “exemption” status. However, you can annotate the log to explain when the YM status should have been over. If the YM status is messing up the driver’s timer, you can also use the Ignored feature (click here for a video I made on this feature that is on our YouTube channel).

      One last thing that may be of value to you:
      There is a feature in MyGeotab that lets you build zones that you can designate as “yard” zones. Once you have these built on the map, you can enable a rule that will turn off the YM exemption as soon as a driver crosses the boundary of that zone. I do not currently have any literature that I’ve created on this, but I am going to do a livestream this Friday (10/30/2020) to show you how to do this. Here’s a link to the livestream video so that you can either catch it live and ask questions, or watch it after it’s been streamed on Friday:
      Setting Up Zones to Automatically Switch from YM if Driver Leaves Yard

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      Joy @ Fleet Nav Systems

      P.S. I noticed that your email address is a “.ca” one, and want to mention that I’m referring to how this works for the US Hours of Service mandate in my answer here. If any of this was intended for the Canadian HOS laws coming next year, let me know and I’ll see what I can find out for you.

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