Introducing Dual Share: A Revolutionary Software in Rental and Leasing Telematics

Fleet Nav Systems LLC, a telematics solutions provider, is driving innovation in the truck leasing and rental industry with its newly-developed Dual Share software. Dual Share tackles the issues common to traditional telematics solutions specific to the leasing and rental space to including data accessibility, data privacy, and liability and staffing on the leasing company’s behalf.

Liability for the Leasing Company

Because customers have total control of their own data with Dual Share, leasing companies no longer have to worry about administering HOS logs and any liability that comes along with that. With Dual Share, customers are fully responsible for having all of their information compliant with the ELD mandate, having all of their logs accounted for, and making any edits or changes to their own logs.

Additionally, IFTA reporting remains just as easy as it was before from the leasing company side: you can still run Geotab’s IFTA report on all of your vehicles and don’t have to wait for customers to turn in their mileages. Dual Share, allows this functionality to remain while giving customers full access to all of their data. Without Dual Share, you could not give your customers the same level of data access without losing this IFTA functionality.

Data Accessibility

Dual Share solves the problem of data accessibility by providing a separate database for rental and leasing customers. With this solution, leasing companies no longer need to have large, complex group structures in their own database to allow customers to see their data.

Dual Share gives customers full access to all of their own data via their own database, meaning that they get to administer user rights and access without disrupting any functionality within the leasing company’s database. Whereas traditional grouping cuts off customer data access to vehicles they are no longer renting or leasing, Dual Share allows customers to have continuous access to the data generated when they were in possession of the vehicle.

Data Privacy

With Dual Share, you have two streams of the same data going to different databases: the primary leasing company one, and the secondary one for the individual customer. This means full privacy between your customers: you can see where your trucks are, but they can see only the trucks they are renting or leasing–now Customer B has no insight into where Customer A was when they rented the truck previously. - (616) 888-6974

"Our relationship with Fleet Nav has been wonderful..."

We [...] went through an extensive process when determining our provider for the ELD mandate. Our decision was based on which provider could specifically customize a solution for our truck rental and leasing business. Fleet Nav Systems had recently designed the DualShare add in for Geotab, which was something that no other provider could offer. DualShare allows us to provide all the necessary information to our customers while also keeping their specific information secure from other clients. This along with their knowledge and level of service, made our decision an easy one. Our relationship with Fleet Nav has been wonderful, and we are constantly working with them on new ways to enhance the customer experience with the ELD in regards to leasing and rental.
Mike M.
Sales Manager, a nation-wide truck leasing and rental company

"[Dual Share] allows us to...shift the ELD burden to our customer...while maintaining the security of our customers data."

In the Lease Rental business, liability and data securement is a big priority. With DualShare from FleetNav, Success NationaLease is able to offer our customers a reliable ELD/GPS solution that allows us to have the data that we need to run our fleet, shift the ELD burden to our customer, all while maintaining the security of our customers data.
Amber Woodrome
Accounting Manager, Success NationaLease

“...phenomenal technical support...”

Geotab was the first ELD system that was compatible with the needs of our Rental and Leasing company through the implementation of Dual Share. Dual Share provided us with the ability to “share” the trucks within our customers' private database and “un-share” to protect their privacy as well as the next customer that rents the truck. The Geotab Drive app meant that each driver could use their own smart device without the need for our company to purchase additional expensive hardware. Add all that to the phenomenal technical support from Fleet Nav Systems we received during the launch of Geotab into our rental fleet, and the ongoing support we receive as needed, Geotab is continuing to exceed our expectations.
Vanessa Lamproe
Office Manager, Carco

“...quick to respond...positive and pleasant...”

I wanted [...] to say how pleased we have been at Salem with the integration of the Geotab product through FleetNav Systems. We were struggling earlier this year to find a solution that offered the integration we needed for our rental fleet while providing the appropriate back end support. Your team was great to work with from the initial web demo we reviewed all the way through implementation. What we appreciate even more is the support we have received since rollout. With 40+ locations and over 600 units installed, we certainly expected the unexpected. Your staff has been quick to respond to every call while keeping a positive and pleasant attitude to work with.
Michael Ellis
VP Information Technology, Salem Leasing Corp