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Welcome to Fleet Nav Systems

We’re a company of fleet-management experts and enthusiasts who want to help you find the best hardware-and-software solution for your business.  Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles, the Fleet Nav system can be tailored to meet the needs of most fleets.*  We strive to make our service first-rate by only selling a product that we are comfortable standing behind and by providing personalized support from a team of real people based in the US.

That said, we are confident enough in our solution that we do things a little differently than most telematics resellers: we don’t do contracts.


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* We don’t want unhappy customers and if we don’t feel that we’re a good fit for you, we will tell you that upfront.  In some cases we may even be able to recommend some other solution for you to look at instead.

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Sometimes it’s just better to try something hands-on.  Get a unit and software access to see how it works for yourself.

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