It's That Easy

Geotab GO7 two units

How It Works


It's This Simple

Quick and easy installation. Install by plugging the device into the OBDII port under the dash or using a harness to connect to the J-bus on heavy duty vehicles. Zip tie it and you are ready to go.
Online Access The database collecting the information from the device is accessible from anywhere and on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Begin managing your fleet and saving money

See where your vehicles are, how they are being driven, the health of the engine, plus much more to help lower your operating costs.

Experience Management by Measurement

You now have the ability to measure how your vehicles are driven, how they are performing, where drivers are spending most of their time, etc. to help effectively manage the fleet from your desk.

View live maps of your drivers and their routes, see trip history reports, communicate with your drivers, customize rules to change driving behavior, be alerted to vehicle issues, and take advantage of over 30 standard reports or customize your own reports to gain better insights and improve the productivity of your operations.

Need the GO7 for Heavy Trucks?

We have a harness for the GO7 device that plugs into the 9-pin J port of your truck. See the video on the left for how this works. Also, take a look at our Hours of Service (HOS) page for how our system can provide a fully-compliant HOS solution.

Safety Driver Scorecard

Driver Safety

Designed with next-generation safety technology, you can gain incredible insight into your driver’s on-road behavior with Geotab’s informative safety management reports. Risk and safety scores are assigned to individual drivers and are based on various key indicators – speeding, seatbelt usage, harsh braking, sharp corner turns, over acceleration, and after-hours vehicle use.


In-Vehicle Driver Coaching
Making it easy for your drivers to immediately improve their on-road driving behavior, the in-vehicle audible alerts notify drivers of unsafe or potentially risky driving events. Once the driver has corrected his or her driving behavior, such a reduction in speed, the interactive in-vehicle alerts will stop beeping. Helping your firm develop a fleet-wide safety program that works, you can easily view this information in real-time email or text message alerts.


Ensuring Seatbelt Usage
Along with a world of other advanced safety feature options, our platform makes it possible for you to ensure your drivers are wearing their seatbelts. An automatic driver and passenger seatbelt detection feature reminds drivers to put their seatbelt on. This unique Geotab feature not only reduces the potential for driver injuries, but also ensures compliance with the law and your firms safety initiatives.


Instant Accident Notifications
From immediate notifications to detailed second-by-second reports, the patented recording algorithm helps you take timely action steps in the event of an accident. Through in-depth data reporting you can immediately see what occurred within the last 30 seconds leading up to the accident. If your vehicle has been hit while parked, the GO6’s unique recording technology can help you prove no-fault to your insurance provider.


Garmin Dispatch and Messaging

As a Garmin partner, Geotab has effectively transformed the GPS devices into powerful messaging and dispatching tools. You can send route information to the Garmin device which will automatically navigate drivers to the correct destination. Making it even easier to identify your drivers, you can also set driver statuses to ‘on the job’ when they arrive on site, and have the vehicle colors change on the map based on their status. Our system is affordable and effective.

Our GPS tracking system enables fleet dispatchers to communicate new jobs and optimized routes to their drivers’ on-board Garmin navigation. Verified, time-stamped messaging means employees are motivated to turn jobs around promptly.


Trips and Activity Reporting
Geotab stores your trips history information, letting you re-create any of your trips at any time, and for any date specified. The reports provide in-depth views for various events, such as time spent at the office vs. driving vs. at customer locations, helping you identify accurate work time allocations.


NFC Driver ID
Geotab has incorporated the latest in RFID technologies - Near Field Communications (NFC) - to deliver Driver Identification for drivers that switch between vehicles. Driver ID allows Management to have a full view into their drivers regardless of what vehicles they are driving - generating reports, rules, and exceptions by driver OR vehicle. Driver ID can be combined with vehicle immobilization, meaning a valid Driver ID keyfob must be touched to the reader before the vehicle will start.


Productivity Tracking

Rich breadcrumb trail tracking that is a patented technology that gives you the most advanced insights into your driver’s on-road performance. See all of the associated trip details when you hover your mouse over the trip points-including speed levels, broken rules, and much more.

Engine Data Interface


Better Trip Planning with Route Optimization
Effectively dispatch drivers with Geotab’s optimization. You can reduce fuel consumption, mileage, co2 emissions and increase your firm’s operational efficiency. As a manager, you know how important it is to make accurate and fast deliveries while maintaining high customer service satisfaction levels.


Track Fuel Consumption
Geotab’s fuel efficiency reports give side-by-side fuel consumption data for all your fleet vehicles. To help you improve your fleet’s fuel economy, Geotab’s GPS fleet management solutions keep track of driving behaviors that directly lead to increased fuel costs. You can also compare drivers or vehicleswith one another to target improvement areas.

multi-colored trip meter

Vehicle Diagnostics

Stop engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down-time by managing your engine fault code information. These vehicle codes explain what the engine issue is and where to locate it, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs.

Vehicle Maintenance
Prioritize your vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults and other in-depth engine-derived information. By focusing on predictive engine health, you will realize savings by being pro-active and working with service technicians to pinpoint the core problem areas.


Open SDK

Have a dev team and want to build your own software integrations? Geotab has an extensively-documented software development kit and plenty of examples to get you started on creating whatever it is that you have in mind.


Support Team to Guide You

Fleet Nav Systems provides excellent customer service and support.  You can call or email if and when you have an issue or a question.  Be assured that with Fleet Nav as your main support contact you will be taken care of promptly.  Fleet Nav Systems is backed by the support department at Geotab should an issue arise that requires additional assistance.  You can call 231-753-8723 or email for support, training, report generation, etc.  In addition, you can access the Software Forum or Hardware Forum on the website to get questions answered as well.

Active Tracking

Active Tracking allows you to actually see the vehicle moving real-time on the map.  Click the video on the left to see active tracking in action.









Go Talk

Go Talk works with Active Tracking to provide specific driver feedback by speaking to the driver via text-to-speech.

multi-stop trip with current driving

Breadcrumb Trail

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
You can see all of the associated trip details when you hover your mouse over the trip points – including speed levels, broken rules, and much more. Geotab’s rich breadcrumb trail tracking is a patented technology that gives you the most advanced insights into your driver’s on-road performance.

IFTA Report

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

All fuel expenses and distances travelled by heavy commercial vehicles between states must be tracked. Geotab removes the manual component of tracking distance travelled and odometer readings, helping management reduce time and improve accuracy.