Geotab at a Glance in 2015

What an incredible year it has been!  Best said by Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO, “The company experienced tremendous growth and success in 2015, thanks to the support of the Geotab authorized resellers, partners, and end users.”  Today, Geotab has over 450,000 devices in operation, over 40,000 net new subscriptions, and this year they grew faster than some Continue reading >

A Guide to IOX: Geotab’s Input/Output Expanders

Providing customers with ways to increase the value of their fleet management solution has always been a priority for Geotab and IOX expansion is no exception.  Through the introduction of the MyGeotab software and the development of a wide range of hardware, Geotab has always built upon expandability to allow our customers to extract more Continue reading >

Personal Data Security 101

Cyber theft is everywhere.  People all over the world are continuously looking to make money from data theft or blackmailing.  There is no such thing as a completely secure environment – with enough money and resources any technology is hackable.  As a security measure, countries such as Russia have established regulations stating that data must Continue reading >

OBDII: The Mysterious Mode 6 – Vehicle Health and Emissions

In the past, traditional emissions for light-duty vehicles were done via a ‘tailpipe’ test: a mechanic would measure the emissions coming from your tailpipe and determine if they were clean enough to drive on the roads.  Today, however, mechanics can simply plug into your OBDII port with a scanning tool and give your vehicle a pass Continue reading >

Top FAQs for Processing Fleet Management Rules

In the world of telematics and GPS vehicle tracking, it is common for fleet managers and business owners to have questions about specific aspects of fleet management and how it can benefit their team. Take a look at some of the top FAQs concerning fleet management rules: Q: What are fleet management rules? A: Fleet Continue reading >