We know that no two fleets are the same and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't necessarily work for everyone.  Because of this, Geotab has partnered with several different companies to provide additional hardware and software that can expand to meet your company's needs.  From driver identification to in-cab video feed, our options for expandability ensure that you won't have to start from scratch every time you need to find an additional solution to meet your fleet's individual requirements.

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Add-ons are hardware solutions that plug directly into the Geotab GO7 unit and add Input/Output functionality to your solution.  This includes things like the NFC-ID reader on the left that lets you define your metrics by driver in addition to the standard by-vehicle definition.

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Temperature Monitoring


Iridium Satellite Modem

Asset Trackers


Add-ins are software solutions that add functionality to the MyGeotab system.  This can include inventory and work-order management via Fleetio, time-card tracking with Paper DoDo, Hours of Service and eLogs with the Geotab Drive mobile app, and much more.

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Paper DoDo

Cell Phone Safety



Hours of Service (HOS) with Geotab Drive

Easily connect a tablet to the GO device to ensure driver safety and achieve the highest compliance standards for drivers and managers. With the large status buttons, it makes it easy for a driver to change duty status. The system will automatically move the driver into the D status when motion of the vehicle is detected. HOS regulations help keep fatigued drivers off public roadways by placing limits on when and how long a driver can be on the road. This reduces crashes, injuries, and fatalities related to operating commercial motor vehicles. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines, loss of license, or a fleet being stripped of its operating authority.


DVIR with Geotab Drive

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) with Geotab Drive
• Complete end to end Inspection work flow
• Drivers select defects, add comments, review previous inspections, and approves
• Inspections show defects, who created the report, and when
• All data flows into MyGeotab for others to review to take appropriate action

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PaperDoDo makes it possible to: schedule, dispatch, communicate, and monitor drivers in one platform. PaperDoDo allows dispatchers to book appointments directly in MyGeotab and provides a bird’s-eye view of appointments while monitoring driver’s live location. This makes it easier for dispatchers to optimize routes and keep drivers on task significantly reducing fuel, labor and admin costs.

Go Paperless with Electronic Invoicing



Make Appointment Scheduling Easy



View Appointments and Drivers on the Map


  • Reduce admin work by 90%
  • Dispatch 20% more appointments daily
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Reduce labor costs



image021The Mobileye system uses an intelligent vision sensor that works like a bionic eye. The system identifies a diverse and extensive variety of potential threats on the road, such as vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and more. Even lane markings and Speed Limit signs are detected. When danger is imminent alerts warn the driver giving time to avoid a potential collision or mitigate its severity, in real time.

The integration with Geotab enables the reporting of these alerts. This alert data can be used by management to monitor driving behavior and identify unsafe behavior. The data is another tool for fleet managers to identify areas where safety can be improved.

Iridium Satellite Modem


The Iridium Satellite modem can be integrated with Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking device – the GO6 – to help serve as a backup means of communication. When in remote areas where cellular connectivity (GSM or CDMA) is not available, Geotab’s GO6 device will send positional updates via the Iridium Satellite network. Always be in-the-know with Geotab’s reliable and cost effective GPS fleet tracking solutions.


Man-Down Add-on

The Iridium satellite modem can be wired into a panic button so that when triggered, it sends an “Emergency!’” message through the satellite network to MyGeotab or Geotab’s self-hosted fleet management software solution. This feature will send a top priority message, regardless of the state of the vehicle. When this feature is triggered, the device will start a beeping sequence that will continue until the message has been received. This lets the driver know that his or her message was successfully delivered.

Asset Tracker



The GL300 is a high quality compact water resistant asset tracker. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extended battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms. The GL300 is small enough to use for covert tracking requirements and its portable design allows users to easily mount it to almost any piece of equipment for a variety of tracking requirements.

Using quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM and GPRS frequencies, the GL300 can be remotely controlled and configured by text message. Its internal 3-axis accelerometer can instantly alert you to unauthorized movements and its location reporting frequency can be configured from as little as every 5 seconds. It also allows you to monitor external temperature readings.

Using internal battery power, the GL300 is capable of a 400 hours standby time or a 5 minute reporting rate for up to 140 hours. This can be extended permanently by connecting to external DC power for long-term reporting requirements without concern for battery life.

Weighing just 60g and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or hidden discretely, the GL300 is ideally suited for all types of tracking including lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications.