About Us

Who are Geotab and Fleet Nav Systems?

In short, Geotab is a company of engineers dedicated to providing the best fleet-management system on the market; Fleet Nav Systems provides a first-class network of sales and support personnel to go with Geotab's solidly-engineered solution.


Why go with us?

First of all, Fleet Nav Systems is a company built on integrity.  We make sure you know exactly what you are getting from the outset, and we will continue to have our experts provide the support and training services you need to have your fleet-management system running smoothly and efficiently.


With Geotab's solidly-engineered hardware and software and our unparalleled service and support, we know that we offer a solution that is a cut above the rest.  We believe this whole-heartedly and that is why we can confidently offer not just a free trial of our product and services, but also have a no-contract policy that keeps you free to leave at any time.  (Although, fair warning: we have had customers leave, spend money on other systems, and then come back because they liked ours better.)


What exactly does Fleet Nav Systems sell?

As far as equipment goes, we primarily sell Geotab's plug-and-play GO devices for vehicle-tracking.  These devices work in any vehicle (yes, we can read Hino codes; yes, they will fit in your truck--this works via a J-Port harness) and work as soon as you plug them in.  All hardware purchases are one-time fees and come with a one-year limited warranty.


Along with the hardware we sell a cloud-based software platform (MyGeotab) for viewing and using your data as you see fit.  This platform requires no on-site installation and can be accessed from anywhere that you have an Internet connection.


Geotab GO7 two units

No two fleets are alike, not even ones in the same company.  At Fleet Nav Systems, we provide a personalized service from the initial sale, to the customized setup of your system, and onward throughout the life of our partnership (which, frankly, we intend to make a long and happy one).


If you need to grow your solution, we can grow with you.  Geotab has a host of hardware and software partners with their own solutions that integrate right into the MyGeotab platform so that you can add functionality and features at any time.  These solutions range from dash cams to billing and scheduling to maintenance management to asset tracking, temperature- and tire-pressure monitoring and beyond.

Why don't we do contracts?

We think our product and employees stand for themselves, and don't see the need to charge more or less depending on how long you want to stay with us.  This comes with three main benefits:


1.  All of our pricing is upfront.  You get the same low monthly rate whether you want to be with us for one month or eighty years.

2. We will never keep you in a contract that don't want to be stuck in.  If you decide you need a new solution in three months, you can pursue that.

3. Without a contract keeping you with us, you can bet that we will do everything we can to keep your business here.


Want to know more?  Browse our website or give us a call to speak with a member of the Fleet Nav Team.